How to use a laser level to align fence posts

Do you want to build a perfectly aligned fence?

You are at the right place. We will tell you more about the most suitable solution for building a straight fence. You will find out which tools to use and how to get the work done in few simple steps. Follow these rules and get the fence you have always dreamed about. Prepare few things at the beginning.

Tools you need

In order to do the work properly, you should get the reliable tools and materials. You will need the quality laser level and laser tape measure in order to measure everything. The list goes on and adequate tools include:

• Tripod
• Shovel
• Wood stakes
• Laser level detector
• Bracket
• Chalk

Once you get everything, you are free to start with the building. Consider certain rules in the process, because building the fence requires attention to details and a little bit of patience. Prepare for the necessary work.

Relevant measurements

This step is the most important, because relevant measurements will define the overall quality of the fence. Sometimes, you need the help of a friend to measure everything, but, in this case, an adequate tool will help you as well. Place the tripod at the starting point of the future fence and choose the level you want to achieve. The tripod and the laser level will help you get the line that goes from the starting point to the end of the fence length. You will see the line thanks to the laser beam projected on the ground.

It is the perfect time to mark the relevant points with the chalk. Put the wooden stakes at the start and use the help of the laser level detector. This tool will determine the position of each fence post. It is very important to find the straight line of the whole fence. Move carefully from one point to the next, until all the posts are properly marked. During the work, place the wooden stakes that will be replaced with the posts at the end.

Build the fence

When you know the position of each point, move further.
Take a shovel and install the posts. Starting from the first post all the way to the last one, it is important to follow the line you have previously defined with the laser beam. It is the line that is crucial for the straight position of the overall fence.

Go step by step and make sure you have installed each post properly. When the work is done, you can make the finishing touch. Grouting can help you achieve better fastening of the material, so the proper grout removal tool will be helpful. Find the product online or in a retail store.

When you complete everything, you will see the result. An aligned fence is the most beautiful detail in everyone’s property. That is why people like to do the work correctly. With the mentioned instructions, you are able to get the perfect fence for your property. Enjoy the end result of your work.